VPL 2020 Strategic Plan

HOW WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN The Vancouver Public Library 2020 Strategy is implemented through a series of projects involving library staff, partners, and the community. VPL is Vancouver’s library and so we all have a role to play in bringing this plan to life. We need our community, our staff, and our partners to bring their ideas, imagination, passion, and creativity to the table as we move from planning to delivering library services for the future. We will continue to review and refine our work as we implement this plan so that we listen and respond to the needs of our communities as we move forward.

PLAN DEVELOP OPERATING PLAN By early 2017, VPL will develop an operating plan, outlining specific projects to be delivered to achieve the 2020 outcomes, goals, and strategic objectives.

IMPLEMENT DELIVER PRIORITY PROJECTS VPL staff from across the system collaborate internally and externally to deliver projects in the operating plan.

The continued support, input, and active participation of our patrons, partners, and staff in shaping library services of the future will be key to our success.

REFINE MEASURE RESULTS. REFINE DIRECTION. Implementation progress is reported to the VPL Board quarterly. Key performance indicators are reported on annually. Refinements to the operating plan are made as needed to ensure we stay on track.



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